Friday, September 16, 2005

Better This Friday Than Last

Friday 9/16/05

Yesterday was a tough day, nothing new happened, so not sure why it was a “tough” day, maybe because I was so looking forward to wed which was 24 weeks, it made Thursday a hard day, as it was a day like all other days, lying in bed just waiting for time to go by.

Brian went out and got a cage for “Buddy” the lizard. I heard Brian talking to him the other day and said, “Hey now little Buddy,” hence where he/she got his/her name. Now we don’t really know if the little guy is a male or a female, but he is so cute and tiny, and we can at least nurture a baby lizard. I guess this sort of lizard is VERY common, it’s called a Western Fence Lizard (or a blue belly lizard). I had a lot of time to do web research.

Supposedly they can make great pets too. As he’s so little, the pet store recommended fruit flies, and he was so cute as he gobbled them up. Brian kept making a gobble noise as he would reach out and eat each one. I did get out of bed to look. He has a heated aquarium, lots of yummy fruit flies to eat, twigs to climb on and seems very content. I know that if I hadn’t found him on my drapes, he would have never lived. Brian is at work today, but I’ll take a picture of Buddy in his new home tomorrow.

Charles, a Realtor from my office came to visit this morning and brought us a huge plate of turkey lasagna. Kim (from Tahoe) is going to visit, she’ll be here any minute and is coming to stay a few days. Brian and Kim were firefighters/paramedics together in Tahoe and used to be roommates at one time.

My New Orleans family (ex-in-laws) called me today – they are staying at a friends’ house in Austin Texas. They are so torn as to trying to figure out what to do next. Their home is still under water. They have no idea if they will be able to salvage anything on the 2nd floor due to mold. They are hoping to go in the first week of October, when the water is supposed to be pumped out. I can’t even imagine. They have not only lost everything, but are also trying to figure out what they are going to do for income. They are seriously contemplating moving out of NO for good.

I’ve been leaking like crazy for about 2 days now. Either the little Prom Queen is just getting bigger and peeing more, or something else (my fear is always that the other one Promed too). I’m sure it’s an unjustified fear, but this is more than I’ve leaved since the very beginning. It's even harder to sleep, as the leaking is about every hour now. I guess it’s normal to feel this sort of fears. I still am having contractions, but not that often. I don’t think I had any yesterday, but just had 2 a little bit ago. I hate them.

We do have an ultrasound appointment set for next Tuesday 9/20.

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Meredith said...

Hey Liz! So happy to read that you have made it through another week! I wish I would've known you were having a tough time Thursday, I would have sent you a funny email or something. Can't help with the increased leaking, but its probably worth a phone chat with your doc. The u/s should reassure you that your other daughter has not ruptured and perhaps it is your prom princess changing positions - let me know!

I can't wait to see a picture of Buddy in his home, I think lizards are pretty neat although I am not sure I want one in my house. Here in NC my front flower beds are full of little blue and yellow striped lizard-looking things. I think they are some type of salamander because they change colors slightly depending on where they are, but I am not a scientist to know for sure. We always look at them, sometimes capture them, but ALWAYS release: once there was one hiding in my closet and bed (yikes!) and it took us a week to chase him out of the house, so I will never WILLINGLY bring one in! We also have lots of frogs to play with. Anyway, its cool that you have a new pet!

Take care and look for a little something special in the mail by mid-week.