Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Leaping Lizards!!! 24 Weeks Today

Wednesday 9/14/05
24 Weeks today!!

This is a milestone week for me! I’ve really started getting bigger, Even compared to last week, my belly is bulging. Here’s what’s happening in my belly x2 :

How your baby's growing: Your baby's growing steadily, gaining about a quarter of a pound since last week, when she was just over a pound. Since she's almost a foot long, that makes a pretty lean figure, but her body is filling out proportionally and she'll soon put on more baby fat. Your baby's skin is thin, translucent, and wrinkled, her brain is growing rapidly, and her taste buds are developing. Her lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" and cells that produce surfactant, a substance that helps the air sacs inflate easily.

I’m continuing to beat the odds, I’ve hung in now for 7 weeks since PROM (which of course means that I’ve been on bed rest for almost 2 months). I’m still leaking, slight pink spotting and contracting now too. The contractions are scary, as I still don’t know what would make me suddenly start having pre-term labor contractions versus what I’m having. I can go hours without any, and then I’ll have a whole bunch.

My mom has already called to confirm that she should send flowers today (making sure that I’m at home and not at the hospital or something). It’s amazing how much I look forward to the flowers, as it really means another week and it really helps me remind me of another successful 7 days without infection.

Brian worked yesterday, but I had 2 visitors, so it made the day go by so much quicker, (Keri my friend from Santa Rosa and a realtor from my work, Pat). I actually got some work done to real estate wise – I sent out my “monthly” email newsletter that I could never get to in August. I at least feel like I accomplished something. It was hard to do, as typing in bed continues to be a challenge for any period of time.

As of now, I don't have any doctor visits or ultrasound appointments set, Dr K said to just hold off and stay in bed rather than come in. Still waiting to see if a visiting nurse will be coming. They are working on it, but having insurance snafus.

I had a very interesting night last night and the reason for the title of this post. (Hey it’s something out of the ordinary in my day to day bed rest experience)…

When I was going to bed around midnight, (remember that Brian was at work), I was adjusting my pillows and such, and looked up at my wispy curtains and was shocked to see some sort of creature inside the curtain which obviously made me jump – I hate spiders and was concerned it was a LARGE spider, but instead, it turned out to be a baby lizard! And, if you couldn’t figure out by now, lizard is my nickname and I love lizards. Super small and cute. I thought it was sort of fitting, at midnight when I was 24 weeks, this little baby lizard came to me. Brian has been telling me that there are lizards in our yard, and in fact when Brian’s mom was in town (knowing that I like lizards) they caught one so I could check him out (yes, he was returned to our yard, so this wasn’t his/her offspring).

I captured it (he had already lost his tail, that wasn’t my doing). I wondered how in the world did he get inside the house and on my curtains, and was certainly glad I saw him before I felt him crawling on me when I was sleeping or something. Shame on me, but after I caught him, I got out of bed to put him in a glass in the kitchen, figured would certainly make Brian jump when he got home this morning.

I’m contemplating keeping him, I’ve always wanted a lizard as a pet, but don’t have the faintest idea what little brown lizards eat. Brian put him under a light so he would be warm. You can tell how small he is in comparison with my finger. If you have any lizard food suggestions, please email me!

My strange night continued, as I was then reading a book (no surprise, I couldn’t sleep) and my phone rang close to 1am! I got scared, thinking something had happened to Brian at work, but it was a woman, who said, “whoops, sorry” and then hung up. Guess it was a wrong number, sort of late at night be dialing wrong numbers, at least I was already awake.

Then, my strange night continued, at 3:00 am (I actually had been sleeping, but had just woken up because of course I was leaking), when I heard all kinds of noises outside my bedroom window. Freaked me out. It must have been the neighbors doing some sort of late night activity with their garbage or something, but it was scary lying in bed, not knowing what was going on.

When Brian got home this morning, I had all kinds of things to report to him on my “exciting” night. Guess this really tells you how stir crazy I am.