Thursday, September 22, 2005

Quadruplets born in the Bay Area

Here's a recent news clip....

A San Mateo family had quadruplets WITHOUT the help of fertility treatments. The chances of that happening: 1 in 600,000. Another extraordinary thing is that two of the babies are identical, the other two are fraternal. The odds of that happening: 1 in a million. The babies were delivered at Lucile Packard Hospital at Stanford.

David weighed 2.6 lbs Kamilla weighed 2.49 lbs Roni weighed 2.27 lbs Dror weighed 2.22 lbs. She carried for 27 weeks and delivered by c-section.

What I found interesting and exciting is that they were born at 27 WEEKS! That's only 2 weeks ahead of me. Talk about beeing preemies. Usually preemies stay in the hospital NICU until their offical due date.

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