Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday 9/1/05 - Home Alone

Thursday 9/1/05

Brian went to work today. This was my first day and night being completely on my own.
It felt so quiet and I felt so alone.

I did have 3 visitors, however, one amazing woman, Maria, from my local twins group cooked us all kinds of meals. I had never even met Maria before. The number of people reaching out to me has been so amazing and touching. Some days I feel so alone, I think of people I know going about their daily lives and I am stuck here day after day, and then a total stranger reaches out to me with such amazing thoughtfulness and generosity. My wonderful boss Sheila came by as well as an agent from my office, Gail.

I have things I need to do (send out my monthly real estate email newsletter), but I have no desire what so ever, besides the fact that it really is difficult to type very much. I also have wanted to put up t his blog, but have been putting that off too

I continue to watch the news about New Orleans. It’s probably not the most healthy thing for me to do, as I need some positive things and humor in my life and the tragedy unfolding before me certainly isn’t very uplifting.

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Anonymous said...

Liz: I think you are destined to be a certainly journal what is happening to you, your family and your babies well..perhaps all of this is happening to open some doors you had not considered before..writing...helping other families understand and anticipate what is coming down the pike if the have invetro...not easy to keep your spirits up - but the closer you get without infection, the better your chances are to have that family you both have worked so hard for...too close now to give up..and I know you and Brian will not..thinking of you...Margaret