Thursday, September 22, 2005

Literally a “shitty” day

Thursday 9/22/05

Well to get right to the point, our sewage line just backed up. Welcome to home ownership. Thank goodness we were able to get a plumber out right away, as “shit” was coming into the shower and up the toilets…not what I need to stay disinfected and infection free….. This morning I told Brian that I noticed the shower was draining very slowly, and when he put a load of wash in (being the good house-husband that he is), the toilet started “gurgling” I called him to come quickly, he used the plunger, which seem to make it get worse very quickly. They are currently up on the roof, snaking the “sewage clean out”. Poor Kailan (our dog) is in the room with me very freaked out, lots of banging, the whole house is shaking and I’m crossing my fingers that they can indeed clean it out and we don’t need a major sewer line repair. Just what we need, a big plumbing expense! At least Brian is home today.
They got it cleared up...Yeah! Brian's now busy scrubbing the showers and bathrooms. Maybe for once I'm glad to be on bedrest!

Well, on a brighter, cleaner, note, here is a 25 week belly picture and pictures of Buddy in his new home. I’m definitely getting bigger.

25 Weeks

Buddy on a stick (remember, he's only about an inch long) You can see his "blue belly"

Buddys new home, his new little "log" is on the left, where the heated floor is, and there is a heated light above on during the day.

Buddy "sunning" himself on his little log, he really likes to hide under it also

Buddy is munching on a tiny cricket.

I loved my massage yesterday, probably one of the best days I’ve had in a while, but she used such pressure on my neck and shoulders (that were hurting so badly), now they hurt even worse. I’m hoping by tomorrow the pain will subside and it will be better than before, but it’s making it hard to work on my computer or anything else for that matter. I couldn’t sleep till maybe oh, 4am……Today I felt nauseous (normally the nausea would come from my vitamins, today I hadn’t had one yet, I really think it was from the pain in my shoulder and neck).

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