Monday, September 12, 2005

Just another Monday

Monday, 9/12/05

Well, the contractions have continued, but they come and go, some times I don’t have any at all (which is good), as labor contractions get more and more intense and frequent. I didn’t know that you could have contractions without labor. This is all so new to me. But they are still scary whenever they happen.

Brian goes to work tomorrow; I dread that as it’s so lonely on those days. And it means I have to get up a lot more often. But I think I’ll have a few visitors. Counting down the days until Wednesday…..which means I made it to week 24.

Dr K’s office is looking into getting me a home health aide once a week to check my vitals and stuff.

I’m back to not sleeping at night, I seem to not be able to fall asleep until 2-4 am, and then sleep until 10-11am. Oh well, I’d rather sleep late in the morning as it makes the day go by faster.

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