Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good-bye to the pump

Oh, and I didn't mention that I've decided to wean from the breast pump. Just can't take it any more. Especially with the thought that there's a chance that it's my drinking milk (even the tiny bit I'm eating now, ie: cheese) that could be causing the reflux - oh to think of all the frozen breast milk I have stored that I'd have pumped for naught! Maybe that's why I never went totally dariy-free in my diet, just can't BEAR the thought of all that milk in my freezer!

I was pumping 4x a day and was still ahead of Quinn's intake by about 10 ounces/day. I went down to 3x almost a week ago and then in the last 2 days went to 2x a day. Oh the pain! But as of tonight, we had to defrost some milk! Sorry little man. I did all I could. I pumped for almost 6 months. Just can't do it any more. Especially with Kaitlyn's new early morning school schedule, it's just too much for me to handle. My plan was to make it through the holidays. I did that.

I want to start exercising again. The pain was too much for me to do any exercising. The pump is not nice to a woman's breasts. We are made for breast feeding not breast pumping exclusively!

To think of how many hours a day I've spent at the pump. My husband is tired of hearing me say, oh it's time to pump! I'm tired of saying it. Kaitlyn is tired of saying, "oh mom's pumping!"

So soon, good-by to the pump, forever! This is my last pregnancy related thing. I'm done. which makes me feel old and sad in a way, but I'm not going to miss the breast pump!


Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is to give up pumping. I had to do the same thing and we had milk issues too. It was especially hard b/c this is my last baby too.

Mountainmom said...

Well done, Mom, for making it this far!! I'd never have survived. You have made great sacrifice of time to give Q a great start---don't ever feel guilty for deciding to move forward!
Lori in VA

Diane and Aaron, proud parents said...

You made it soooo long! I lasted 6 weeks pumping for my preemie twins and I am inspired by your dedication with K and again with Q. Kudos for making it so long! And I hope Q continues to improve with the new meds!

Sassy said...

I too have been pumping for almost six months, for my 27weeker, and have three freezers FULL of milk. So I know exactly what you are going through. I also wanted to let you know that sometimes babies can grow out of the dairy thing. My daughter was the same way...she spit up constantly with really bad reflux and belly aches, tried meds, nothing worked.... until I quit dairy. I felt the same way you did about all my milk in the freezer! What on earth would I do with all of it?!?! Fortunately, my doctor told me to hold onto it because some babies do grow out of it and sure enough I found that I was able to start incorporating dairy into my diet again and now it doesn't seem to bother her much at all. Also, I would recommend keeping up with nursing. Even if not for nutrition, but for the comfort and bond it can bring. My daughter struggled to nurse for months and then out of the blue she GOT it, and now we are able to nurse. Just a suggestion. :)

Jeana said...

I know how excited you must be to get rid of the pump. CONGRATS!!!! I pumped with my first baby for 9 months. Got up in the middle of the night...early in the morning..twice at work. I felt attached to that darn thing. With my second, I just did not have the time or energy to pump. I applaud you for making it as long as you did. I'm not having anymore kids either and the best part of it is NEVER having to pump AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are amazing! I pumped for three months after returning to work and hated every minute of it. Quinn will be fine. Even if you run out of frozen breast milk and have to give him formula, he'll still be fine. So have a glass of champagne and don't beat yourself up!

Anonymous said...


Please don't throw away your precious milk.I think he has only reflux.Kaitlyn had severe reflux but you fed her breast milk so it would be o.k for Quinn too.
Kaitlyn had high toleration so she didn't cry that much even it was hurting her but Quinn is very sensitive to pain but as he gets older he'll outgrow it.
Just wanted to know how much milk did you get each time you pumped?

Anonymous said...

If you can't use your breast milk for Quinn, donate it!

liz.mccarthy said...

1. annon, if I can't use the milk, of COURSE I will donate it, (I got a TON of donated breast milk for Kaitlyn)

2. much did I pump? A LOT. when I had reduced my pumps to 4x a day (from 8x a day), I was averaging about 40 ounces/day. Before I was averaging about 50 ounces a day)

Now, I'm pumping 2x a day (and had to break out the freezer stash for little Quinn, he's noow drinking milk from early August! How crazy! I'm only producing about 25/day ounces now.