Sunday, January 11, 2009

quick update

I'm tired, really tired, and want to take the time tonight away from the computer watching mind-numbing tv...

But the good news is that I think our new medicine cocktail is working.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I've tried doing more baby-wearing, but how in the world do you do that while trying to lean over a bathtub or read a toddler a book in your lap? Just doesn't seem to work for me. I wear him while I"m out of the house, walking, at the park, etc.

We got into the GI on Friday. This is our new current dose of reflux meds for Quinn:

2 7.5 mg doses of prevacid solutabs 2x a day. 2 1ml does of zantac 2x/day. We started on Friday night and yesterday evening and today I think he was actually better. Not as much, I'm still waiting to see if this is really working.....

Last night the little man fell asleep at 8:15 and slept peacefully until 12:30!!!! Wowzee! that was the longest he's ever slept and he's never fallen asleep that easily. Tonight he fell asleep even earlier (before the bath time ritual with Kaitlyn, so I got to read my little girl 2 long books for a change without having to listen a mind-numbing screaming baby at the same time!)

Forgot to mention that I took Kaitlyn into GI also, as she's had the runniest poop for as long as I can remember. I used to just think it was because she was on a liquid diet. No longer. Poor thing. We give her tons of pro-biotics, but I sometimes think after a dose of probiotics she poops not long afterwards and it's always runny.

Wonder if that's why she's not gaining weight? She's been on so many doses of antibiotics it's frightening. Well, that's another issue to tackle another day. (and to help solve so maybe she can be diaper trained, but if I were her, I wouldn't want to poop in a potty if I had the runs 24/7.)


Anna said...


glad things are looking better. My daughters always looses weight when they have diarrhea, especially when on antibiotics. Can you change her diet a little bit, maybe remove some fiber, give her a little bit more starch (pasta, poatatos, bread) and less fruit and raw vegetables? When my little ones have diarrhea I give them only pasta/rice and meat for a coupe of days. Also, watch out if she eats yoghurt, a lot of baby brands like Yo-baby - add inulin, a dietary fiber. Trader Joe's sells another brand made with cream that is very rich (the cream) and has no added fiber. ciao!

Shannon and Carey said...

ok the only thing I got out of this post is that QUIN SLEPT ALMOST 4 HOURS! HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! (I did read the whole post, but this was pretty damn exciting news!)
Good for you! and Quinn ;) And I hope you get some answers on the runs. Gotta be a connection with weight?
I'm emailing you a pic of Abbey. You'll freak when you see how much she looks like Kaitlyn in this pic. Too weird.
Bye for now. Hope you got some rest!
-Shannon in Austin

The Microblogologist said...

The probiotics generally help to regulate, as in they can help with constipation as well as diarrhea, but they cannot do the entire job either way (they are good for her). Inulin is most likely good for her, it is a prebiotic which encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in her intestines. I think my friend said when my godson (premie) would get too runny she'd give him bananas and rice and I think cheese which were all stuff that would help him have more solid poops. I would recommend adding such things to her diet gradually if she has had runny poops for a long time, her guts are not used to having to work too hard in that scenario and she could end up constipated. It is all about balance, I wouldn't ditch fruits and veggies completely since they are nutritious and such, it is all about trying to find a balance of foods that are healthy and work with her system.

As for weight, one of my "cheater" tricks is to make a calorie rich drink when I don't feel like eating. Also trying to find ways of sneaking in extra calories when possible, unfortunately for me I don't handle fatty foods well so it can be a bit hard for me. Dove chocolate is generally worth the reflux for me... ;)

So glad to hear that it sounds like the GI has Quinn's meds worked out!