Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4th.....Due Date Anniversary

Today was supposed to be Kaitlyn and Corinne's Birthday 3 years ago.

Instead Kaitlyn is now 3 years and 3 months and her sister isn't by her side.

My girls' Anniversaries (due date, date of amnio, date of birth/Corinne's passing) are getting easier, but they are still hard. Some Anniversaries just fly by, with no fan-fare, but typically sometime during the day the realization that the date is "An Anniversary" typically hits me with a wave of emotion and a feeling of your stomach dropping, like you are on a roller coaster. When will this stop?

As much as this feeling used to be a sorrowful and tearful, these days I think of it more matter-of-factly, all these anniversaries that dictated the way my life would turn out forever. It sucks that these dates have to exist at all.

But I do look at some positive of how my life changed. (new friends, awareness of miracles, awareness of simple joys, helping others), but that's also the topic for another post


Today as a family Brian, Quinn Kaitlyn and I went to Fairyland (a very old toddler park in Oakland built around Fairy Tales). We had so much fun. I took all kinds of videos, showing Kaitlyn talking up a storm. I'll try to post them soon! They brought such joy to my heart and I totally forgot that today was another Anniversary date.

We've had a nice family few weeks of Holiday Vacation. I think what I enjoyed the most was the fact that Kaitlyn was out of school and didn't have any therapies or doctor visits. Now that I think of it, this is the first 2 weeks she has ever gone without some sort of visit. Isn't that crazy? Brian took a few weeks off (he delayed his paternal leave) , as otherwise there would be no way for him to have holiday days off work.

I promise soon to post a really really great post on Kaitlyn. Her eating and talking are amazing, I mean really really amazing. Off the charts amazing in fact! (not the volume that she eats but her desire to eat!)

Today I have to post a more somber post, because I'm having a tough time.... I'm actually going to do it in a separate post as it has nothing to do with it being January 4th or Kaitlyn. It's Quinn....


Sarah said...

Happy second-third birthday, Kaitlyn! You are an awesome girl with an awesome mama!

The Microblogologist said...

So glad Kaitlyn is doing so well and you all have gotten to enjoy some great quality time as a family =)!