Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quinn - trying to get a smile on video


The Microblogologist said...

Maybe you can try putting tape over the red light so he won't focus on it, lol! Either way he is adorable, as it Kaitlyn =).

skeybunny said...

LOVE this video! My husband is going to crack up when I tell him about this, because I can't even say "Adirondack" right half the time:) The drinking is amazing also--I know how much work went into being able to do that (and have it stay down).

Is the alternative therapy Kaitlyn doing VitalStim by chance? Evan had that for a year--unfortunately it didn't lead to oral eating for him, but his swallowing/handling his own secretions improved a ton and he got much, MUCH louder. For a kid who can't hear much at all, he makes an amazing variety of vocalizations. I credit most of them to VitalStim therapy--before he was very quiet.