Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kaitlyn eating ice cream

Wow, can you believe our little girl didn't eat ANYTHING just months ago? Wow, she's come a long way! (A little hard to tell in the photo above, but she's got a total shiner! Kaitlyn tends to be very clumsy and took a fall on the 2 steps into our house last Friday... poor thing, she's one tough little girl!)

This first video is amazing! She's talking up a storm . We've noticed a VERY big difference in her talking. I started her in another alternative therapy (I'll post more later about it) and I can honestly say I've seen a huge difference in Kaitlyn. Even the teachers at her new special education school noticed a change from her 1 week before the holiday compared to when she went back after the holiday. Her speech and comprehension continues to amaze me. I think she has quite a memory too, she can exactly remember really tough word's pronunciation exactly correct. When did you learn what the word Metamorphosis meant (or how to say it?).

She's one amazing little girl and she makes my heart sing!

And here is more ice cream eating:

And my newest favorite talking video:


Anonymous said...


I was very happy to see Kaitlyn and Quinn,both are amazing!YOU ARE A VERY LUCKY MOM.I have two kids with ASD.If you please let me know what therapies you used for Kaitlyn that help her in speech I'll appreciate that very much.She is always smart but couldn't communicate well but she is super now!Another thing I want to know when you started the feeding therapy with Dr.Patel what are the medicines did you use with Kaitlyn?Your blog always help lot of moms who have special needs kids and you know how heartbreking it's and find out proper treatment and therapy is hard.We spent so much money and effort to the therapy but didn't get any result at all.We are very very sad.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed with K. I have been reading this blog since the beginning and it brings me such joy to watch her grow up into this wonderful and SMART little person. Great job you guys!


Emily said...

She is so adorable! When she says "I don't know!" it is just too cute!

Twinmommy2boys said...

I know you have been through so much. My twins were preemie not as early as Kaitlyn but earlier then Quinn, anyway I know to an extent some of the pain that always stays with you.

Your daughter is amazing, you are amazing. The video's were awesome!

Mir said...

OMG....she is just amazing, Liz. Just completely amazing. She speaks better than most of my son's FT 3yo friends.

My son watched the video and he has a total crush on her. He would like to get a Sponge Bob present too now, lol.

Robin M said...

Wow, Liz - Kaitlyn looks great! It's so good to see her eating and talking so well. We're working on chewing now (we're maybe 2/3 of the way through Dr. Patel's program). I was just reading some of your older posts when you were in the same place with Kaitlyn and to quote you - it does seem like climbing Mount Everest. But just look at her now - wow! It gives me such hope for Jack. Thanks for posting this. I'm so interested to hear about the alternative therapies you mentioned - sounds like it worked wonders for your little sweetheart! Take care!

Catherine Chandler said...

Oh Liz, this is so wonderful! My heart is just singing for you guys and Kaitlyn. Please please share about this new therapy, too!

The Microblogologist said...

Hehehe, she is so cute and at such a funny age! Watch out though, they keep getting smarter and smarter =)!

mom22little1s said...

Sweetest, sweetest, sweetest little girl in the whole wide world! I could just listen to her talk for hours. Soooo beautiful, soooo smart!

Shannon and Carey said...

These videos are super awesome! I love it when she says Oak Town....Oak Town cute.

Old McDonald's....omg I'm cracking up......

I love all the rolling hills in the background.

This is the best video yet....and I like the ice cream one too.
-Shannon in Austin

Stacy said...

two things:
1)kaitlyn is super cute. the talking videos are great. me and my husband loved watching them and hope conner starts talking some day!
2) i'd love to know what alternative therapy you used. although conner is younger, he is always silent during speech therapy and doesn't seem to be making much progress. it is so frustrating.
thanks for sharing.
mom to 23 week twins Conner and angel Braedon

L I S A said...

Wow! I'm blown away how far she's come. And, she's totally beautiful. What a sweetheart. So happy for you all!