Sunday, October 09, 2005

Her own bed

Hi all,

Well, I was hoping Liz would be able to give an update herself, but unfortunately that's not yet the case.

A quick update on what's been happening the last 48 hours. Kaitlyn is doing fine in the NICU. They did identify that she has a problem with one of the valves in her heart. They gave her some medication to try and fix it, but unfortunately that wasn't successful. As a result, they have scheduled surgery for her for tomorrow (Monday) to go in and fix the heart, they say it's only a 20 minute procedure from start to finish, although it will take longer due to all of the necessary sterilization. We hope to know something sometime after lunch, and I will post once I hear something.

Liz is still extremely sick. They've identified it as e. coli, which is fairly serious. She was in and out of a high (104 degree) fever all day Friday and Saturday. She finally started feeling better, so the doctors said she was ok to head home (I believe that was last night). She felt pretty good this morning, was able to eat a bagel and felt halfway human. However, after a few hours, she started feeling worse again and went back to bed most of the day today. She just feels totally exhausted. When they go to the hospital tomorrow for the surgery, they'll do some more blood work on Liz and it's a possibility she may have to be re-admitted. Doesn't seem fair, she's had such a tough journey just getting to this point!

Brian and my mother are both there at home with her, and we're hoping that with a lot of rest she'll turn the corner and be on the mend.




Julie DeRuvo said...

Oh my! You have all been through SO very much! My heart goes out to all of you! I am here if you need anything! I will be copying your message to the multiples club to get LOTS of prayers sent to Kaitlyn and Liz!

Please keep us posted! God Bless all of you!
Julie DeRuvo

Susan (Johnston) Grau said...

Gary, Thanks so much for updating all of us! We are all feeling much more involved eventhough we are miles away! Please give Liz, Brian, Kaitlyn, and your mom our love. You all are constantly in our hearts and prayers! Love, Sue