Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Moving day?


Hi all,

Well, some more positive news for the McCarthy members. Kaitlyn continues to improve, which is just tremendous news. No major changes, but just gradual improvement. She's now using 30% oxygen, so almost normal air, compared to the 100% of just a few days ago. She also got her first bit of milk today (a whopping 1 cc, or about 10 drops), hopefully she responds well to it. Apparently the hospital is redoing part of the NICU, so they had to move Kaitlyn to the other side of the room. You'd think that moving a 1 1/2 lb baby would be a fairly easy task, but apparently it took 6 people to move her and all of her devices. She was a little bit anxious during the move, but appears to have settled down since then.

Mom's still exhausted, although she sounded much better on the phone than she has in previous days. With having to give milk every couple of hours, it's still hard for her to get enough sleep. Between visiting the hospital, getting Brian to his doctor so he can donate more blood (since he's the same bloodtype as Kaitlyn), having the nurse come by the house to check Liz's wound, there's just lots going on. They also had to start handling some of the details for Corinne today, which is emotionally exhausting.

Every time I talk to her, Liz always asks me to please thank everyone for all of their warm wishes and prayers, it really is great having such positive emotional support for them through this.




Jodi from PROM said...

Love the progress! Keep it up, girls.

Best wishes,
Jodi from PROM

Toni (aka Naked Lizard) said...

Just sending my (((Hugs))) and prayers your way. I hope to hear of more great news from you all.
Toni from PROM said...

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you right now! You have SO much on your plate that it just seems unfair that you have to deal with all of it at once! You are doing a tremendous job though.

Please take care of yourself! I am here if you need ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz! What a strong Mom you are! You are doing a great job! I cry when I read your updates! So happy and so sad. So much craziness to deal with. Just know we have all been there. It's all a fog the back and forth to the city and milk and ignoring the phone. I can't believe you are taking time to say thanks to us at MPOMC! We know. Don't worry. We really do "get it." Just trying to survive your bubble of immediate attention and existence is the most important thing, and everyone will or will have to understand that. I think we didn't check phone messages for 3-4 months? Big hugs and rest when you can...I know it's nearly impossible with the stress of everything around you! I can't wait to have Chinese chicken salad with you! LOL!
All our love from the Haugen-Davis Family
Lisa Haugen

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz (and family): Just thinking of you and always anxious to hear updates. So glad to hear of Kaitlyn's progress. Take care, I'd really like to bring some meals by if I can (the 40-guest catered parties are behind me for now!).

Maria Kallmeyer (from the twins' club)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz & Brian,
Glad to hear that Kaitlyn is doing better and had some of breast milk - that is great (so important)! Liz, I do hope you are taking care of YOU too...I know there is a whirlwind of stuff to deal with on many levels...but we all want you to feel better. I want you to know how amazing you & Brian are dealing with all that is going on especialy in terms of grieving for one daughter & being hopeful for another - extremely challenging(and of course Brian changing the bandages!!!). Please know that you are all in my daily thoughts and I am wishing you brighter days...And, if you need ANYTHING, please call me.