Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kaitlyn is off the Ventilator!!!!


This picture is from today before Kaitlyn's breathing tube was removed.

Brian and I happened to be there when they extubated Kaitlyn (took out her breathing tube). They took an x-ray of her lungs right when we got there at 2pm (as on an earlier in the day x-ray she showed some lung collapsing), but by the afternoon they figured out what the problem was and decided to pull her breathing tube and put her on the CPAP.

It was very traumatic, especially seeing it all happen first hand, Kaitlyn of course threw quite a fit with everything going on: suctioning, a breathing treatment, removal of the tape that held her ventilator on (I know how much I hate the tape being taken off me 2x a day and I imagine my skin is a lot tougher then hers is), and finally pulling the tube out. I was freaking out a bit as her levels went up and down, …but she is breathing on her own with just the assistance of the CPAP when we left the hospital at 5pm, and is still doing well at 8pm!


Anonymous said...

Very good news! We are all so thrilled.. and you all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Much love!

Lisa said...

So happy to see Kaitlyn's progress via your blog. You are constantly on my mind and I am always sending thoughts your way - hope you are catching them!
- Lisa Manley

Anonymous said...

Awesome sis! Great news, made my day!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Liz! Thank you for keeping us updated. You all are constantly in my thoughts. -Jay

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hooo!!!! Finally some great news! I hope you're celebrating today. Do me a favor and go get a burger, fries and a choc. shake at In-N-Out in marin. They don't have them out here in Idaho.

Hang in there girlie! Soo proud of you and Brian.

xoxo- Sierra