Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kaitlyn is “crawling”….

Tuesday. 10/25/03
Kaitlyn is 3 weeks old today, but she really is a day shy of my being 30 weeks pregnant

Well not really crawling, more like scooting…. Kaitlyn has spent much of her last 3 days on her stomach, which has helped her oxygen and anxiety levels a lot….

First a quick recap, during the weekend Kaitlyn needed another blood transfusion (I’m not sure how many she’s had to date – maybe 8, but at least it’s Brian’s blood now. In the beginning she had to have a donor’s blood). Her oxygen levels were up during the weekend (in the 60-70% range), as were her carbon dioxide levels, but it was discovered during the weekend that she really likes to be on her stomach which has helped both her digestion and her breathing. So throughout the last few days, after being on her stomach more and more often she really has had some positive developments. She’s still been on the ventilator and morphine however.

Her quantity of breast milk increased to 2 cc’s every 2 hours on sun or mon, and today, (Tuesday 10/25), as she started having less and less residual milk in her tummy, she was increased to 3 cc’s every 2 hours! When I just checked in, she only had .5 cc residual after her last feeding, so it’s going really well. Her abdomen looks good and she’s pooping and peeing regularly. This is all very good news. It makes me feel especially good, as I can finally do something to help her.

Today her oxygen levels were down to 30%, when I was there this afternoon, she was even down as low as 29% and the doc has said if she does as well all night tonight, they may try her again on the CPAP tomorrow! So cross your fingers for us.

Back to her “crawling” or scooting which is more like it…. Kaitlyn continues to prove that she is a fighter and very strong! As she lies on her belly, she lifts up her butt, sticks out her long little legs and pushes herself forward. She did this maneuver while I was there (her nurse was changing her diaper so I got to see her cute little naked butt in the air), she kicks out (angrily I might add because she was being bothered) and literally pushes herself forward towards her head. I wish I had a camera with me, as it really was funny to see, and what is more amazing is that the nurses put a little bean-bag at the top of her head and she is actually pushing it towards the top of her isolate so that it threatens to fall over the top (which Kaitlyn might also do if the wonderful nurses weren’t carefully watching her) and she would also pull herself out of her ventilator. Because of the protective padding that had put around her down by her feet, you could clearly see how far she had traveled and had to be moved back down. They say that they are amazed she’s so strong and still on the morphine, but they think she is getting more tolerant of it. She was opening her eyes more, but she quickly fell back to sleep once she was left alone.

It was nice to see her resting so peacefully, but it also meant that there was nothing I could do but look in through her isolette and watch her – she didn’t even like mama to touch her.

Update on Liz….

I had a doctor visit today, and she said that my incision is definitely healing, which is obviously good news, and we are down to packing it to only 2 times a day (instead of 3). Unfortunately, the doc didn’t know how much more we had to go until it heals itself completely, weeks still.

Today was the first day I drove in almost 4 months (I PROMed on July 26th). I’m not officially supposed to drive yet, as my abdomen is completely open. I put a large towel underneath the seatbelt (because the seatbelt is right over the incision). They are concerned that my “reaction” time will be less, as my stomach is still open (gross). Normally after a c-section a woman has to wait 2 weeks, but I’m supposed to wait until it heals! Sheesh! This means that Brian has to be my chauffeur, and so today I finally said….enough. I’ll still have him drive whenever possible, but it felt really good to be self-sufficient after 4 months. I just went to the hospital and doctor and came back home to sleep for an hour, but at least I didn’t forget out to drive.

The weird thing is that my contacts (for my vision) didn’t really seem to be working well, meaning that the fear of me driving shouldn’t have been my abdomen but my eyes! I wonder if pregnancy has changed my vision. I’m having my eyes checked on Thursday.

I’ve been reading all the wonderful comments and emails that so many of you have been sending, unfortunately, this means that I have somewhere between 200-300 emails (this doesn’t include mailing lists and spam) that I need to answer, and every day I get more…I am so overwhelmed by this outpouring of support, your comments have brought tears to my eyes, but this also means I am overwhelmed at knowing where to start responding….


Laurie Abbey, from Walnut Creek (fellow prom mom) said...


Thank you for the active update. Kaitlyn is a little fighter, she is going to push her way right out of her isolette when the time is right - into your arms. The pictures and the medical details are so very familiar, we have a similar set of NICU pictures for Kyle, tubes and all.

I hope your email fanclub continues to provide you comfort, and I hope your live support system is strong. You are living in a very odd reality right now. You and Brian are going through such unbelievable stress.

Hopefully soon Kaitlyn will be in the clear and breathing freely.
Prom baby Kyle sends you a big smile (perhaps it is gas :)). Perhaps someday our little prom babies can meet up.

I am glad you are healing. What a whopper to throw on your situation.

With big wishes for continued improved health.


PS My mom, Joan, has also joined your fanclub and we both check in regulary and send you our best wishes.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to hear the wonderful progress that both you and Kaitlyn are having! One step at a time!!!
Having been a pediatric OR nurse for so many years, it does my heart so much good to hear about the fantastic nurses who are partnering with fantastic parents to allow our tiniest and most precious gifts (your Kaitlyn and others) to grow and thrive. Let me tell you...2ccs of breast milk an hour with residuals decreasing...that is awesome!!! Did you ever think that you would be speaking so much medical jargin???

Love, Sue

PS. Brian...Thank you for loving and supporting my dear friend. I see a provider, partner, emotional and physical supporter, and also an "in home medical service". What a bonus!!! You are one terrific husband! I commend you!

julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,
You sound like you had a really good couple days! I am SO happy for that!

With regards, to all of the emails/calls/messages... we all KNOW what you are going through and understand completely. Let go of the guilt and overwhelming feeling, you have enough to worry about. We all love you guys and just want the best for you.

Continue to take care of yourself!
Julie & (Joe,Isabella & Elizabeth)

Toni (aka Naked Lizard) said...

Just checking in on you. I am so glad to hear that your C/S is healing. I know that once it's healed you'll be feeling much better. Just hope its really soon.
You have an amazing little fighter, wow scooting already.. She is a get up and go'er isnt she. I am so glad that they found that she dose better on her tummy, children are so amazing. And so are you...
Just wanted to let you know that there isnt a day that dosent go by that I dont say a pray for you..
(((Hugs))) being sent your way.

Toni (from PROM)
Mommy to 6 Angels and a Spaz on the way (EDD 04/22/06)

Jakob & Jeneh 08/18/03 Born still at 20wks.
Andin 02/17/04 M/C at 14wks
Lynli 08/03/04 Born to earth and heaven at 23wks.
Angel 12/17/04 M/C at 8wks.
Angel 07/12/05 M/C at 7wks

Kim said...

Liz - No need to respond. All of us on the PROM list are thrilled with Kaitlyn's progress. We continue to check in. :-) Sending you lots of (((HUGS)))

Michelle Flannagan said...

Go Kaitlyn Go! It's amazing how strong they are, even rigged up to all the tubes and lines. She is a tough cookie. We have pictures of Anna being weighed, and she is beet red from all the screaming, it's much like she is today!
I'm glad she's gaining strength and able to tolerate more feedings.

The vision thing happened to me too, my vision actually got better after pregnancy, it improved .5 in each eye. Something about the increased pressure in your body changes the shape of the lens or something like that. Doesn't it feel good to drive again? I hated being Miss Daisy. I only waited 4 weeks. Take care of yourself!
Michelle from Sidelines

Anonymous said...

Liz, Brian and Kaitlyn--I am thrilled for all three of you. What a exciting moment to see Kaitlyn "crawling" and getting your milk every two hours! Soon she will be to big to be in her "home away from". I am so happy for all of you. Nancy

Kristen Lenfest said...


The updates are amazing! We can all see that you have a fiesty one on your hands!!! Just wait till that stinker starts moving around your house..WATCH OUT!

Funny how much we take driving for granted. Glad you had a chance to get some of you independence back!

Love Kristen