Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, she was off the ventilator for a while


Hi all,

I just got a phone call from Liz who's on her way to the eye doctor and the hospital. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn had some problems last night and this morning without the ventilator (apneas, increased CO2 levels, etc), so they've put her back on it an hour or so ago (~9am). While she's making great strides, she isn't quite ready to be off it permanently. Still, she was off it for longer than the previous time, so we'll take it as progress.

She knows people are checking this regularly, so she wanted to make sure everyone had the most current news.




Michelle Flannagan said...

Thanks for the update, it's amazing that at this stage of the game they're taking her off it to even try. She's such a fighter.


julie deruvo said...

Kaitlyn is amazing! Truly showing how strong she is! What a fiesty fighter!
Liz, I hope you are getting better too. Thinking of you all the time and will give you a call over the weekend when we can really chat without interruption on my end. :) Take care of yourself, you sound like you are really gaining your strength.. I am soo happy for that!